Choosing Your New Mindset E-Workbook

Choosing Your New Mindset E-Workbook

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A Workbook To Help You Choose Positive Thoughts To Change Your Mindset!

This 30 day workbook will help you start to uncover myths and truths about your thoughts and feelings. By utilizing this workbook daily, you can make a habit out of choosing thoughts that serve you and no longer ruminating on ones that don't. You may even find that this habit becomes something automatic after practicing.

There's 30 pages and it's meant for you to practice once per day for 30 days to start forming a new mindset habit. That said, we all have a lot of thoughts to work out, so it's not uncommon to go through multiple sheets in a day. The beauty of this workbook is that you can just keep printing more sheets as you need them and keep practicing as much as you want or need.

Note: This is a DIGITAL download that can be printed at home or used by any PDF editing software to write in.

Choosing Positivity is on a mission to help people change their thought patterns!

There will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to achieving this. That's why you'll find a curated collection of different products, workbooks, journals and tools to help you here.

At the very least, we'll bring some positivity into your life!

Join the movement!  #IamChoosingPositivity

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You can spark joy by choosing to buy products that are eco-friendly, supplied by Black-owned businesses, or made in less fortunate countries. 

You can bring a smile to your face and share it with the world by wearing apparel with a message.

You can try to create a space in your home that has a vibe that supports all that you are, or even just spray an essential oil mist to calm yourself in a moment of need.

You can work through your thoughts and choose new patterns with tools, such as workbooks and journals.

& so much more...

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