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3-Minute Self-Esteem E-Journal

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This journal is geared towards helping you form new habits with your thought patterns about yourself. 

It has 21 pages so you can give yourself time to let this new habit sink in. It may seem repetitive, but the repetition is what helps turn it into a habit. We've all got things to unlearn, and the negative self-talk and thought patterns about ourselves should be one of the first to go!

If 21 days feels like a lot, or it seems like a lot to do it every day, just remember, this is just a quick 3 minute journal.

Everyone can find 3 minutes to jot something down!

Now, if you're having a tough time filling any of the boxes in each day, please consider the fact that this doesn't mean anything bad! We all have down days, tough days, we all get blinded by the negative at times. Give yourself space for this and do not judge yourself!

But, what I want you to do if this happens, is remember these things:

  1. You can be VERY general, and anything that pleases you, can be put in these boxes. No matter how big or small, it all counts!
  2. You can absolutely have the same thoughts in boxes multiple days in a row.
  3. Don't forget, you picked up this journal, and that alone, in itself, is something you will have done well and can be proud of! 

You can make radical changes in just 3 minutes a day and I'm so happy you're considering this journal. 


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