Forming Attainable Confidence That Lasts

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True confidence is formed by watching the view you have of yourself shift over time and quieting the voice that worries about what others think. Here's some quick notes on both that we hope will inspire you.

A lot of times, we put too much weight on what others think about us. The funny thing is, we do this even when we don't actually know what people will think of us. This is a lot of wasted energy. And in the end, we're trying to be confident about a version of ourselves we have formed for others.

You don't need ANYONE ELSE but yourself to form confidence. Worrying about what others think of you will surely bring you down. This is YOUR self-development journey, not theirs.

Keep this in mind as your fears of what others think of you pop up.

Tasks, growth, obstacles, pain, tough thoughts, sadness, hurt... they'll bring these fears up. But, keep going.

Sometimes it might feel like you've run into a brick wall... But even brick walls can be broken through.

Keep going.

You CAN find your big breakthrough, or many small breakthroughs along the way! Do not ignore these, or brush them off as minor things. Celebrate them. This is where your view of yourself comes in. If you do not reflect on yourself, who you were in the past, and who you are now, you may take your growth for granted. Don't do it!


Finally, start with small, achievable tasks so they seem less daunting. Your lizard brain is constantly playing tricks on you, and will search for ways that things might be "scary!" Small tasks are NOT scary. Don't even give your lizard brain the opportunity to chime in. Instead of setting a goal you aren't sure you'll stick to... Set one you will. Examples: I will work out for 10 minutes today; I will stretch for 5 minutes today; I will sit in silence, not dwell on my thoughts, and let them pass for just 3 minutes; I will write in my journal for 5 minutes.... Etc.

Slowly build upon these habits over time so they never feel like something you don't have time for.

Because you DO have 3 minutes a day. 

The more you do, the better you'll feel. You'll be proud that you're accomplishing something, no matter how small.

It might take longer than you'd like to get yourself to a different mindset, to find peace, to relieve yourself of overthinking tendencies, or any other obstacle. Just keep in mind, you've never done this before. You don't know how long it will take and there are no rules, so it takes as long as it takes and you get there how you get there. 

And again, it's important to reflect and get perspective. Don't get too focused on your growth and your goals that you don't stop to appreciate how far you've come.

Leave the expectations at the door and just keep pushing toward your goals little by little. 

You got this!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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