25 Ways To Boost Your Mood Stat!

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Feel like you need a little boost, or even a big one? Try one or more of these tactics!

    1. Do a few breathing exercises. Did you know that Fitbits and other smart watches have a "relax" function on them that walks you through a 2 minute breathing session?
    2. Search through a hashtag you enjoy on Instagram and look through the images for 5-10 minutes. (Ex: Puppies, cats, funny, inspirational, etc)
    3. Put on some happy tunes! Check out Spotify's playlists made just for this, like "Mood Booster" or listen to Pandora's "Happy" by Pharell radio.
    4. Call or text someone who always inspires you. 
    5. Start a gratitude journal and write for 5 minutes about what you're grateful for in the current moment, no matter how terrible things might seem. 
    6. Go for a short walk around the block, or your house if you have a big one. 
    7. Drink a cup of coffee, or your fav tasty beverage.
    8. Write one thing you like about yourself down. 
    9. Give yourself a pass, people make mistakes, no one is perfect. Try to remind yourself of this. 
    10. Eat a piece of chocolate!
    11. Write down actions you could take in your life that could give your life more meaning. (ex: volunteer at an animal shelter, send a gift to a loved one who's having a hard time, change your career, etc) Dream a little, it's okay if you don't actually do any of these things. Just ponder it.
    12. Clean something, anything, for 10 minutes. You WILL get a jolt of accomplishment!
    13. Try a few yoga poses!
    14. Sit in some sunshine if you can!
    15. Go do a random act of kindness.
    16. Go get a massage or facial, OR give yourself a mini one!
    17. Try a brain puzzle game on your phone.
    18. Hold a plank for 30 seconds.
    19. Stretch your neck for 2 minutes. (This one is feels better than you'd think.)
    20. Journal about what you think is causing your mood to be lower and release it.
    21. Consider getting a coach or joining an online community or support group if that might pertain to you.
    22. Try a meditation app.
    23. Sit up straight and focus on keeping your posture upright!
    24. Plan or eat a healthy snack or meal.
    25. Take a short nap!

BONUS: If you're looking to start a journal practice or just want some structure to your current journaling, grab these FREE JOURNAL PROMPTS!

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