Hello, World!

B .

Choosing Positivity has officially been born!

It's been a long journey full of excitement, procrastination, positivity, self doubt, and just about every other emotion or thought you could have. 

It took work to get here. It took me learning many different tools and a lot of effort in the self-growth arena.

You see, I've had this project kicking around in my head since 2016, and finally in the fall of 2019 I got serious about it. I dove in, hyper-focused, and made a TON of progress. But soon became overwhelmed with the amount of work I still needed to do to bring this to life.

So, I put it completely on pause again until February of 2020 due to sheer procrastination and fear of exactly how much work it might take.

It's a funny thought in hindsight, because my fear became a self-fulfilling prophecy, much like most negative thought patterns we don't tend to. I was afraid it was going to take "too much" time to learn, whatever "too much" meant. I was afraid it would feel like an eternity before I got it up and running and I was impatient. So I ran. What did that get me? That's the self-fulfilling prophecy part. Remember how afraid I was that it would take "too much" time? Well, since I procrastinated, it took approximately 4 months longer than it would have since I simply dropped it for that long. I laugh at this now, because 4 extra months for no reason IS "too much" time, ha!

That said, the best part about this, is that I can laugh at myself for how silly I was, and there is ZERO judgement here. A few years ago, my ego would have been too large to even write this down publicly. I'd be beating myself up about how long it took me to get this going instead of celebrating it's birthday!

All of that said, I've got a lot more to do!

For now, this site is filled with things that I liked, that I think can help remind people not to focus on the negative. 


So, I'm working on developing some tools to help people find their own way to Choosing Positivity. There's no one size fits all approach to anything in life, especially not self-growth. So why not sample a few different tools and try a few different methods to see what works for you?

So in the coming weeks, I'll have my head down working on new programming, tools and products. Don't worry, I'll let you know when new things happen! Just be sure to follow on social media or sign up for my emails below. For now, please take a peek at my products and even if you don't purchase, at least one of them is bound to make you smile or laugh!

Finally, I'm not much for the spotlight, but I am certainly a real person! So yet another work in progress here will be the cartoon version of me so I can maintain my privacy. So cartoon B is coming soon!

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you're looking forward to Choosing Positivity with me!

Warm Regards,